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Growth For The New iPad Seems To Have Peaked

Mobile Marketing and Advertising company Velti recently released a report for April that includes several surprising and interesting details. The report, which was based on mobile ad impressions seems to show that growth for the new iPad has slowed…

Based upon the new information compiled in Velti’s report the new iPad represents about 8% of mobile ad impressions,while last year the iPad 2 represented 13% of the mobile ad impressions at the same point in it’s release cycle. Velti notes that the slower growth of Apple’s third generation tablet is most likely due to competition from other tablets like the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab as well as Apple’s accompanied price reduction of the iPad 2 with the release of the new iPad.

Another possible reason given for the slowed growth of the new iPad is that besides the new retina display there isn’t as many new features from the iPad 2 to the new iPad as there was from the iPad to the iPad 2.

Although the new iPad’s growth is slower than it’s predecessor it hasn’t affected Apple’s overall lead in the mobile device market. Apple still holds the lead over Android for the number of total ad impressions (55% to 45%) indicating a higher overall amount of mobile browser and app use. Furthermore, Apple still hold the top three spots in the mobile device market. (iPhone 20.4%, iPod Touch 14.9%, and iPad 13.4%)

Velti goes on further note that their numbers aren’t in line with reports that Samsung has shipped more mobile devices than Apple or any other company.

You can check out Velti’s report in it’s entirety at their website.




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