Apple Testing Notifications on iCloud Website

Apple’s iCloud has been overwhelmingly successful since its launch last year. Every one of Apple’s devices is connected through iCloud. Along with the launch of iCloud, Apple launched a new notification system in iOS 5. Like other features from iOS 5, the Notification Center is being implemented in the Summer release of Mountain Lion.

Apple also may be introducing Notifications on the iCloud website as well…

Reported by MacRumors, Apple is currently testing notifications for their iCloud website. Currently you can access most of your synced iCloud information through When you log into the iCloud website, you will see a “Test” notification pop up at the top of your browser.

We recently confirmed this as well. (Shown in the screenshot above.)

While we’re not sure what Apple plans on using another Notification Center for, they definitely are looking to expand their services. The only way you’d be able to see these notifications on the iCloud website is if you were logged in. Though they would obviously sync across your devices as well. I’m sure we’ll find out more about all this at the upcoming WWDC 2012.

What do you think Apple’s going to use this feature for?

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