Apple Sending Out 30 Day Reminders For MobileMe Discontinuation

Apple’s MobileMe is set to shutdown at the end of the month as the company completes it’s transition to iCloud. As a result users of the MobileMe service are receiving 30-day reminders of it’s impending shutdown at the end of the month…

Within the message is a warning to users that they need to take action in order for their email to continue offering instructions on the transition process. In the notice is also a reminder that users whose system requirements don’t meet the requirements for the full iCloud will still be able to transfer their email and calenders to iCloud.


MobileMe users who have already made the transition to iCloud that have any content on MobileMe Gallery, iDisk, iWork and iWeb should be sure to download it if they want to keep their content as it will be lost when MobileMe shut’s down.

Source: Apple via MacRumors

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