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Apple CEO Tim Cook Spotted at Valve HQ Today

What would Tim Cook be doing at the headquarters for video game giant Valve? Apple has been known for keeping huge secrets locked up until their releases. But we also know Tim Cook doesn’t just go somewhere like this to chat and play video games….

Washington-based Valve, has a huge gaming network that has been recently brought to Mac.Valve is basically the iCloud/iTunes of the gaming world…

According to AppleInsider,

“John Cook, the director of Steam development at Valve, stated that Apple had “been a great partner so far and we look forward to growing our relationship with them over time.”

Steam is the popular Mac and PC app that brings a pretty connected gaming network to computers offering cross-compatibility between video games. There is also an iOS app for Steam to purchase games and manage your account.Any game you purchase through Steam is available to play on any of your registered computers.

Could Apple be teaming up with Valve to offer more than the traditional Mac / iOS gaming experience?

Recently Apple has been stepping up the iOS Gaming Center, but it’s not nearly the experience Steam offers. It would be insane if Apple purchased Valve, but I don’t see that happening.

Either way, with the high competition in gaming iOS devices have brought to the industry, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if Apple has finally decided to turn up the heat in the gaming market and become true contenders.

iOS games have come a long way to be in true competition with consoles, but Apple is still missing a few key components. Maybe this conversation will lead to Apple’s triumph over the gaming industry?

Do you think Apple could dominate the gaming world?

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