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Where Are All My Paul McCartney Fans At?

If you are a Beatles fan than chances are you’re  a Paul McCartney fan and if that’s the case then you might be interested in the fact that Apple is streaming McCartney’s concert live tomorrow February 9th on iTunes for free.

The legendary rock star who is one of  the most successful songwriters of all time will be holding a concert outside of Capitol Records in L.A. at 7p.m. (PST) to promote the release of his new album Kisses On The Bottom.  The album which was produced by Tommy LiPume is a compilation of tunes McCartney grew up listening to as a boy that reminded him of family and good times.

McCartney also adds two of his originals to the album My Valentine and Only Our Hearts which according to

“both fit seamlessly, especially ‘My Valentine’ which has ‘standard’ written all over it reminding us of both a song from a bygone era as well as some of Elvis Costello‘s forays into similar terrain.”

Kisses On The Bottom also features guests such as Mrs. Costello (Diana Krall), Stevie Wonder, and Eric Clapton, all of whom leave their signature styles on the record.

The fact that Apple is offering the concert free isn’t just good business it’s a encouraging sign that they intend to carry on  Steve Jobs legacy who was known to be a huge Beatles fan and who actually named Apple after the bands record label which still exists today.

Here’s a sit down with McCartney and Lipume talking about the album…



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