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Active for iPad 2 – Review – Three Layer iPad Case with Kickstand by Seidio

Active is a new case from Seidio that protects your iPad 2 in three different layers. This case may add a bit of bulk to your iPad but the trade-off is completely worthwhile. The first layer of the case is a smooth silicon “Glove”.

The second layer is an “exo-skeleton”plastic snap-on type case that fits right over the silicon.

The thrid layer is a hard plastic shell that covers the two layers below. This hard shell also contains a built-in kickstand. Overall the Active case is rugged, protective, but still keeps your iPad in style. When you want extra protection throw on the hard shell, when you want a slim fit iPad take it off and expose the layers benieth. Active is available now on the Seidio website for $59.95. For more information about the Active iPad 2 Case visit

What do you think about this extra protective case?

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