Sprint Ditches 5GB HotSpot Plan In Favor Of Variety

Sprint has recently made the decision to ditch their 5GB/$29.99 mobile hotspot plan to attract more customers with a different variety of plans. Not everyone needs 5GB of data, but some may want more…

I currently use Verizon’s mobile hotspot plan. I can’t justify paying for any extended hotspot plans above 2GB because I’m usually somewhere with WiFi. So the occasions that I actually use my mobile hotspot may be life-saving moments, but are too rare to pay any more than the $20 a month that Verizon charges.

Sprint’s decision to split their hotspot plan was a great move. Now customers will have a choice between a 2GB/$19.99 plan or 6GB/$49.99 a month plan. These are drastic difference between the plans but if you’re going to be in need of a hotspot to eat up GB’s a month, the $50 plan will probably be worth the money for you.

Don’t panic if you’re currently a 5GB subscriber, you’ll be “grandfathered” in and be able to keep your original plan. Now while all this is cool, why doesn’t Sprint just offer unlimited hotspot? They seem to be on that limitless data “train” so why not the hotspot? It’s not like folks with a jailbroken iPhone can’t utilize their unlimited data with PDAnet or MyWi.

Source: Sprint

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