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SmartWraps: A ZipLock Bag For Your iPhone/iPad

A brand new totally hipster iPhone accessory has just been announced… Well not exactly. SmartWraps are  “clear, fitted protective bags” for your iPhone.

Or sandwich bags…

What a brilliant idea though honestly. Package up 6 packs of ZipLock bags and sell them as an iPhone accessory to “protect your device from the elements.”

SmartWraps come in five precision fit sizes designed specifically for use with small and large smartphones, iPhone/iPod touch, iPad/tablets and e-readers. A safe and sanitary way to protect your mobile device from the elements, SmartWraps multi-packs are now available on for $6.95.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this looks like a clever way to market sandwich bags for techies… Almost makes me hungry now.

SmartWraps’ protective film is sturdy yet maintains full touchscreen functionality of your device, including phone calls, texting and email. The wraps come in packs of six for smartphones, iPhones and iPods, and packs of three for tablets and e-readers, making it easy to dispose of, reuse or recycle the bags at your discretion.

Go check em’ out the, let me know what you think. They certainly look protective, I just wish they weren’t so “ziplock”-ish.

Source: Bracketron

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