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Shipping Times For New iPad Improve To 3-5 Days

For the second time this month Apple has improved estimated shipping times of the new iPad. Just a week ago shipping times for Apple’s new tablet improved to 5-7 days from the previous advertised shipments of 1-2 weeks…

Now according to Apple’s website they have dropped estimated shipping times for all new U.S. orders of their third-generation iPad in all models, colors and capacities down to 3-5 days.

During Apple’s quarterly earnings conference call last week CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple had sold 11.8 million iPads during the first quarter of 2012. The impressive stat though is that those 11.8 million iPad’s were sold in just a little over 2 weeks! During the conference call Cook also revealed that Apple was experiencing supply constraints with the new iPad, but that they expected to be able to supply “a significant number of iPad’s” during Q2.

There have been reports that the limited availability of the new iPad is due largely in part constraints on production for the new retina display. The Retina Display is the defining feature of the new iPad and for good reason.

The beautiful new screen packs 264 pixels per inch onto a 9.7 inch screen, giving it a higher pixel density than a 1080p television set.

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