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Facebook Organ Donor Feature Inspired By Steve Jobs Liver Transplant

In a recent interview with ABC news Facebook CEO Mark Zuckererg said that Steve Jobs was part of the inspiration behind the social sites new organ donor awareness program. The new feature allows Facebook users to share their organ donor status in an effort to spread awareness to get more people to become organ donors…

Mark Zuckerberg:

“That definitely, I think, was something that we all had in mind as we were building this out. His story is just one of many, of people who both were able to have an organ transplant that made his life longer, and he was extremely thankful for that.”

Zuckerberg went on further to say that his girlfriend, who is a medical student, was also a source of inspiration for the new program.

Before his passing, Jobs was a major reason for the California bill passing that made it easier for people to become organ donors. The bill now requires California residents to decline or accept an offer to become an organ donor every time they have to renew their drivers license.

Jobs received his liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee back in 2009, because there wasn’t enough livers available in California. During his return to stage in September of 2009 Jobs said that he had received his liver from a person in their mid twenties who died in a car crash.

“I am alive because of their generosity. I hope we can all be that generous”, Jobs said at the 2009 event.


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