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Reports Of iCloud Email Service Disruption Worldwide

Yesterday an Apple Support Community page was created to discuss the disruption of iCloud email. The page is now showing over 100 replies from users who have been affected from the U.S. to London, and all the way to New Caledonia. Some of the community members spoke directly with Apple representatives who said that the outage is sporadic and isn’t affecting a large number of iCloud users. According to Apple’s iCloud status page less than one percent of iCloud users are being affected by the problem with the mail service, and a fix is expected ASAP.

In January it was reported that over 85 million people signed up for iCloud since it’s initial release in October of 2011. In December there were reports that U.S. .mac and .me users were having problems with mail coming from Roadrunner and Comcast domains. No users reported experiencing any problems with outgoing mail. The problem was actually discovered to be an accidental engagement of Apple’s spam filters. Apple’s iCloud status page states that only iCloud mail has been affected while all other iCloud assets remain fully functional.

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