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Proview Rejects Apple’s $16 Million Offer in iPad Trademark Dispute

Proview has been at it for a while with Apple in a battle of the trademarks. Proview is the owner of the iPad trademark in China and refuses to allow Apple to sell the iPad there until a resolution is made. Apple recently made an offer of $16 million to settle the battle but that just wasn’t good enough for Proview…

Proview has massive debt piled up and apparently the offer Apple made doesn’t even scratch the surface of that debt. Proview apparently expects their failed companies debt to be completely paid off by Apple, and is now demanding a $400 million payout.

Originally Proview filed a $2 million lawsuit. So this escalation is getting a bit out of hand. If Proview doesn’t pay off their debt, the company will be forced into liquidation which they are desperately trying to prevent. But at this point I think they are getting a little greedy. This battle could play out for quite some time if someone doesn’t give in.

Apple is probably deciding whether or not paying the $400 million would be a profitable choice. If they pay out the money Proview demands, they would then be able to sell the iPad in China. Would Apple recover their loss from such a high payout, or are they better off leaving China behind in the tablet world?

Who should raise the white flag here?

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