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[Rumor] 7-Inch iPad Mini Cominig This Fall for $200

Rumors surrounding the release of an iPad Mini are all too common this year. Though if  Apple were to release a smaller, more affordable iPad it definitely makes sense. If Apple wants to dominate the tablet world, they need have one to compete with lower price points.

iMore recently released a report with detailed specifications on this mini iPad

It’s good to take these kind of rumors lightly, but iMore does have a great track record on things like this. It would be easy to write this off as “just another rumor,” but stay with me for a minute…

iMore states this 7-inch iPad will debut in October alongside the new iPhone for between $200 and $250. This would definitely give Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire and other sub-iPad tablet manufacturers a run for their money.

iMore reports:

“Apple will be going forward with the 7-inch iPad, currently targeting an October 2012 release alongside the new iPhone, and — here’s the killer — at a $200 to $250 price point. According to our source, which has proven reliable in the past, the reason for such aggressive pricing is to do to the tablet market what Apple did to the MP3 market in 2004 with the expansion of the iPod product line — leave absolutely no space for competitors.”

“We haven’t gotten a firm read on the exact dimensions, s we’re using 7-inches generically here. Our source has indicated, however, that the 7-inch iPad will be identical in every way to our current 9.7-inch iPad, just scaled down. That seems to include a 2048×1536 resolution display, just like the new iPad. If accurate, that would put the pixel density at around 326 ppi, identical to the iPhone 4S (and higher than the 264 ppi new iPad) Retina display.”

The iPad Mini is also expected to start at 8GB of storage with the $200 price tag.

As much as this is still just a rumor, it lines up with other rumors and definitely makes sense. Apple needs a product to compete with the other aggressively priced tablets, an mini iPad like this would do just that. I’m not sure if they would call it an “iPad Mini” or not, but for now that’s what I’m sticking with until Apple does or doesn’t release a smaller tablet.

Source: iMore

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