Macmixing “Deal Of The Day” MacKeeper 911 For Your Mac

Mac OS X is an awesome platform and some believe that there is no need to run any kind of maintenance on it. Personally I like to run a couple applications on my Mac every few weeks or so just to keep it running fast and healthy. Macs run great and if you went to an Apple Store and asked about an anti-virus software they’d look at you funny and tell you there’s no need for it, but did you know that your Mac can run slower over time just because of caches, logs, and undeleted preference?

Also did you know that if you trash an application it leaves a lot of crap behind it like binaries, system logs, and unused language files that if you don’t use a app uninstaller that crap will stay on your computer forever?

All those 200MB cache folders can really slow down your computer over time. Thankfully though that are apps like MacKeeper that perform maintenance tasks which allows you to clean up all that unused space and keep your Mac healthy and clean.

MacKeeper is a multi purpose maintenance application is a bundle of 16 applications all rolled into one. It performs normal tasks like cache and log cleaning, but with added features I haven’t seen anywhere else like a default apps manager and deleted file recovery.

MacKeeper is divided into three different sections: cleaners, tools, and services.

The3 application has a “One Click Scan” that lets you get a clean but very thorough picture of whats going on with your Mac. Once the results come up there are some buttons in the toolbar that allow you to check or uncheck the items and rescan or remove all the items it has found. If want want to get rid of what’s taking the most space you can organize the items by name and size. Overall the cleaner does the job really well and really fast too, cleaning up and removing about 2GB of data in around three minutes without any effect on the operating system.

Here’s the best part though, with your purchase of MacKeeper you get GEEKOnDemand which is 24/7 live phone and chat support where you can you can contact one of there experts with any technical question at all pertaining to a Mac, free of charge for life. That right there is it’s weight in gold. For someone like me it has been extremely useful since I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers.

All in all though the software works great, I would have paid the $38 price of the software for theĀ  24/7 phone support alone. Being able to talk to a professional about my Mac has saved me from infinite hours of hassles and headaches.

You can pick up a copy of MacKeeper here on sale for $38 bucks.

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