Looptastic Review – HD/Producer – Music Production Apps for iPhone and iPad

For all of you Audiophiles searching for the latest new app for music production stop your search and check out Looptastic HD or Looptastic Producer by Sound Trends. This new and remarkable app continued to amaze us when we were getting acquainted with it. Looptastic gives you all the tools needed to perform live mixes which can be saved as a performance. Even more impressive is that while you’re playing your performance back, you can then record eight bars as a loop.

Looptastic has made it simple for anyone to create and master loops and performances!

With over 300 preset loop set samples you’re sure to be more than please with the number of different performances and loops that can be made; and it’s easy too. As soon as you open a new preset loop set the magic begins. Your sounds load and Looptastic starts its auto recording to master a perfect mix.

We checked out the free version of Looptastic and although it works well, the paid version is the way to go. The differences are few but worth every penny. For example, the paid version comes equipped with ten filters and effects that can be used with the built in XY Touchpad Controller such as, delay, stutter, and both high and low filters just to name a few. Along with all of this, Looptastic has a control to speed up and slow down the tempo ranging from 40BPM to 250BPM. Another great feature on Looptastic is the loop creator. This is not included on the free app of Looptastic and is vital to creating loops that can be exported. Speaking of exporting, did I mention the greatest feature of all? With Looptastic you can take your loops and performances and transfer them directly to any computer via a wifi connection. Keep in mind that this is a feature that only comes when you purchase the paid version of Looptastic . The creators at Sound Trends have also made the app possible to transfer your recordings directly to Sound Cloud and many other apps. They have also made it possible to share your recordings with many other apps including their own Studio HD (HD Version only), and sync the app with midi devices and iOS, via Bluetooth or wifi connection. Looptastic even allows for AudioPaste from other supported apps!

Looptastic was very worth my while and I would recommend it to anyone who loves music and wants to create awesome and easy loops. We were impressed with the Loop sets that come with the app and though I highly doubt it, if the 300 plus loops aren’t enough you can purchase many more from the Loop Store which is located within the app. They’ve also provided a great online forum that can be accessed directly from the app itself. This forum includes tips and tricks, help, as well as instructions on how to use many of the features of Looptastic. Overall Looptastic Producer and Looptastic HD are both GREAT innovative apps for music production! Check out the gallery below!


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