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Aurora Sound Studio HD Review – 4Pockets – iPad Music Apps

Where do I start? If you are serious about getting on the iPad music production bandwagon, Aurora Sound Studio by 4Pockets is the place to be! This app is crazy! You may notice the apps main layout from an unmentionable device by Yamaha **cough**TENORI-ON**cough** but this app honestly gives Yamaha a run for their money… There are so many features in Aurora Sound Studio.

Let’s start with the basics. If you like sequencing tradition midi this app is a must have. You are given “layers” and “blocks” to work with. You have 14 layers per block. Each layer allows you to sequence notes, which will be played in order from left to right according to the tempo of your song. Each layer’s row is comprised of notes within the Key and Scale you selected.
You have the ability to select a different instrument for each layer in a block. The layout of the grid is very straightforward. Once you have your layers, sequenced and in order in each block you create, you can then sequence the blocks in any order you wish. This makes songwriting a breeze, Just setup your blocks and order them later.

For some there may be a learning curve to this application but it’s not much of a curve. I have never used an app like this and I had a song made within my first ten minutes.

Once you have sequenced out your notes in each layer you have the ability to give your layer a “Live Mix” and adjust each instrument accordingly. The great thing about this app’s mixing capabilities is they give you a traditional mix window to level everything out in. Each track in the mix window gives you full control over panning, volume, solo, mute, midi, and 3 FX knobs. Also at the top is a set of VU meters, a master FX Returns, and a master volume knob.

There are so many features to this app. One of my favorite features is the Atomizer Grid. This allow you to stutter your block at any given point in it’s sequence in either eight, quarter, half, or whole notes. I am a big fan of stuttering! I also love that you can record in your own samples to use for an instrument. When you’re all done, you have the option to either record to a file or save the midi.

Overall this app has GREAT sounds, ease of use, and makes music composition fun and exciting. For a full list of features check out the 4Pockets website below! Go pick up Aurora Sound Studio today!



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