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[iOS 7 Glitch] How To Create Nested Folders

In my opinion, nested folders in iOS makes a lot of sense, but apparently Apple doesn’t think the same way. Tucked away within iOS 7 beta is a newly discovered glitch that allows you to nest folders (folders within folders) that are fully functional and will help you organize apps a lot better.

This glitch was discovered by VBarraquito on Twitter and it takes organization to another level. It’s very possible that Apple will make this a stock feature in iOS 7, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Currently, this is a glitch, and while I don’t expect it to make it past iOS 7 beta 2, this would be a great feature to have.

Check out the video above, and for more continuing coverage of iOS 7, be sure to visit my dedicated iOS 7 playlist on YouTube. It’s full of tutorials, overviews, and a few glitches. I’d take nested folder over pages within folders any day.

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