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iOS 6 Brings International Location Services To Siri

Since the iPhone 4S launch, location based services have been a U.S. only feature. That means people in other countries weren’t able to use Siri to look up local services and businesses. iOS 6 aims to change that…

Cult of Mac points to a great find on Reddit. A User has discovered that Siri location services work in Australia. It seems that Australia, and the as well U.K. have this ability now under iOS 6 beta. In fact, just the other day a friend asked me to look up a business in Canada. That worked as well…

It’s important to note that while these features are semi-functional, they’re not completely accurate at this point. This is a beta release so things are expected to hiccup every now and then.

Killian Bell from Cult of Mac notes:

One thing I have found, however, is that it doesn’t seem to be quite as accurate in the U.K. For example, when I asked Siri “where can I get pizza,” its closest result was around 15 miles away. However, I know there’s a pizza shop at the end of my road. When I asked for the nearest gas station, the closest result was 46 miles away.

So while the feature is certainly working, I’m sure it’s being ironed out and refined a bit before the public release sometime this fall. Either way, put your money on location based services with Siri in iOS 6.

Anyone excited?

Source: Reddit via Cult of Mac

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