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iConnectMIDI Review | Unboxing | Tutorial – MIDI interface for iDevices and Computers

I Present to you, iConnectMIDI. This device is quite amazing. I honestly suggest go picking one up right now! I’m not just saying this for iConnectivity either. If I didn’t think this product was awesome it wouldn’t be here! TRUST ME IT ROCKS! It bridges the gap in MIDI connectivity with your iDevices from Apple and your computer’s love for MIDI. There are unlimited possibilities with this device. iConnect Midi allows you to connect virtually any midi device to your iDevice with plug-and-play technology. No drivers to install, no special applications to run, just plain and simple “iConnectivity”. You will find that you’re quickly falling in love with this device as I did. Being able to use any of my favorite MIDI controllers with my iPhone or iPad is freaking amazing!

The guys at iConnectivity designed this with ease of use, simplicity, and a solid construction. The body of iConnectMIDI is solid metal, built like a tank! You can currently purchase this device on Sweetwater! For me that gives iConnectMIDI plenty of credibility as I purchase tons of stuff from that website. Some of iConnectMIDI’s features include:

  • MIDI Bridge (no computer required)
    • bridge between USB MIDI 1.0 devices and classic MIDI DIN devices
    • bridge between multiple USB MIDI 1.0 devices
  • MIDI Merge
    • merge two or more MIDI input ports to a single output port
    • maintains small overflow buffer for each port to handle flux of events
    • configurable for multiple merge routes
  • MIDI Thru
    • send a MIDI input port to one or more output port
    • configurable for multiple thru routes
    • by default, iConnectMIDI will pass all MIDI ports to all other MIDI ports
  • MIDI Mute on Input
    • mute unwanted events from a particular MIDI input from getting into the system.
    • mute by event groups
  • MIDI Mute on Output
    • mute unwanted events from being sent to specific MIDI outputs from the system.
    • mute by event groups
  • MIDI Route
    • intelligent MIDI data routing and management
  • Configuration Storage
    • when you have iConnectMIDI configured to just how you want it, save the configuration into internal memory – settings will be used on next power up – no computer required.

Check out their website for a full list of specifications and features! This device is also FULLY upgradable. The site reads,

“Firmware updates are released through playable MIDI files, downloaded through the Internet. Be sure to register your product with us to get notifications of any updates.”

iConnectMIDI is Apple MFi Certified and will work with your latest iDevices. I had so much fun using this! I feel like I can actually make confident music on my iPad now. Don’t get me wrong, I love touch screen keyboards and drum pads as innovative as they are; but nothing can compare to using a REAL keyboard or pad controller to make music on the go. Check out the video for my take/example of iConnectMIDI.

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