Loudspeakers Optimized for multichannel soundtrack mixing and playback!
Hey guys, Stay tuned for an extensive review / demonstration of this new monitor series. These monitors are top of the line in the game and we are very excited to spread the news with all of you here. These will change the way you hear and monitor you audio. Meanwhile check out the press release and the website listed below!

Update: AEX Labs will be launching their NEW website September 10th, 2011! Stay tuned for more details!

Phoenix, AZ (Sept. 1, 2011) – AEX Labs, the name synonymous with accurate world class audio reproduction, announces their AX-8.4.2 reference soundtrack studio monitors.

The AX-8.4.2 models will be introduced into the AEX lineup early fall 2011.

Initially designed and built for John Powell (, and his 8000 sq ft “Five Cats” Soundtrack Recording Facility in Los Angeles, California. This signature model, the AX-8.4.2 Studio Soundtrack Monitor is a “purpose built race car”.
Absolute accuracy, stunning natural sound characteristics, and ”bulletproof” reliability, are a few of the design objectives. The AX-8.4.2 Soundtrack Monitor Systems have an uncanny ability to reproduce source material with remarkable accuracy, while maintaining pinpoint imaging and soundstage properties. When properly tuned and voiced they also have a very special quality of being able to duplicate vocal and musical instrument timber, pitch, and tone exactly. Knowing that the users of these monitors depend on them for their livelihood, and the workload of playback systems can often be 12-18 hours a day, they are also designed to be ultra reliable and built with modular, field replaceable components. Ultimately these monitors were designed and built to solve several issues confronting critical listening users (recording engineers, mastering engineers, etc.), and provide the necessary tools for these professionals to produce world class end products.
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This model includes the LF18 Bass Driver, our flagship low frequency driver, capable of handling over 2,000 watts. The AX-8.4.2 also contains 4 MB6 midbass drivers, (one on each side of 2 stacked HF1 high frequency drivers (allowing for an asymmetrical configuration). The total power handling capabilities of this monitor is an incredible 3,150 watts per channel. The AX-8.4.2 effortlessly provides remarkable world class sound at high output levels with no fatigue. This model is a tri- amplified, active or passive, full range monitor. Built and designed to be completely accurate and flat, the AX-8.4.2 will reproduce audio with extraordinary realism and clarity.

AX-8.4.2 Soundtrack Studio Monitors are sold individually and will be available from AEX Labs and select retailers internationally, early fall 2011.
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