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Fostex AR-4i Review / Unboxing – iPhone Audio Accessories – Hardware

The AR-4i is an advanced iPhone audio interface. This thing allows you to record high quality audio to compliment the iPhone’s already stunning video capabilities. I was very impressed by the sound quality from this device. It definitely sounds ten times better than the iPhone mic and turns your phone into a cool looking camera! The AR-4i is the newest and latest innovation from Fostex. Fostex apparently stops at nothing to give the public high quality stuff at awesome prices. I can’t wait until they release the app for this device so I can control different parameters of the AR-4i…

The overall quality of the unit was solid. Didn’t feel cheap or breakable. Not really any different from your standard camera on the market. I got a few other chances since I did the video to check it out and it really works well for recording music and bands. You get a rich stereo quality sound from it and it captures performances well! I did also try it with Harmonic Dog’s MultiTrack DAW and it seemed to work great. It allowed me to be able to record in stereo or MONO with their app. Go check out the Fostex website for more information on this product! We loved it here and will definitely be using it for our Mobile Audio needs as far as iPhone goes!

Check out the video below!

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