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iCloud Beta Website Reveals New Notes and Reminders Apps

Old iCloud login page

Just the other day we caught word of Apple testing notification banners for the iCloud website. It was obvious Apple didn’t mean to leave clues out in the open, and there hasn’t been any information on what the notifications will be for as of now.

Now today, there’s a couple new / familiar apps on the iCloud Beta website now…

iCloud Beta website (click to enlarge)

Apple’s plan to implement Notes and Reminders was discovered earlier this morning on the iCloud Beta website. (Screenshot above)  These apps would sync up with all your other data and be available online. I’m honestly not sure why we’d need this functionality but Apple certainly has something up their sleeve.

It’s also important to note that only privileged Apple IDs can log into the site. We tried to log in and it would not allow us to. The original iCloud website seems to be working just fine. I also noticed when going to “System Staus” it said there were problems with Notes… Hmmmm, I don’t ever remember there being “Notes” to have problems with.

Problems with Notes? what? (click to enlarge)

Either way I’m sure we’ll find out plenty more about all this after WWDC 2012.

What do you think Apple is up to?

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