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Foxconn Employee Says Next iPhone Set for October Release

The head of human resources at a Foxconn factory is now claiming the new iPhone is scheduled for an October release. Apparently, Apple has been recently placing production orders for the next iPhone.

This information comes from South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper. While we don’t know how credible this information is or if a human resource director would know much more than directing human resources, it does line up with last years release. But we could have predicted that either way.

The Korean newspaper spoke with Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory employee, and he confirmed that the massive hiring Foxconn has been up to is due to the production orders from Apple for the sixth generation iPhone. I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll begin to see most new iPhone releases happen in the fall.

Apple usually has a set predictable schedule. But according to a statement by Apple, they don’t want to become predictable. So we may see release dates change drastically. Expect the new iPhone in the summer or the fall, who knows…

When do you think the new iPhone is being released?

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