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Along with reviewing StudioTrack from SonomaWireWorks, we were able to check out its little brother application, FourTrack. Fourtrack is really identical in may ways to StudioTrack except that it supports traditional four-track recording as opposed to eight tracks.
FourTrack is a great addition to your mobile recording needs.

The great part about FourTrack is how simple the interface is. Like it’s big brother StudioTrack, almost anyone can use this app.

The app also boasts some excellent graphics and design! Check out our Gallery Below!

The WIFI Sync within this app is AMAZING (See Screenshot below). This allows you to visit a custom website on your computer and connect to your phones “Virtual Track Library”. From here you can download each track within your song individually to be able to import elsewhere for advanced editing or mixing. This is an INCREDIBLE feature that allows you to take your compositions to another level.

It is meant to be simpler than StudioTrack leaving out the Track FX, but keeping the great features like:

  • AudioCopy
  • AudioPaste
  • Mix & Bounce Tracks down
  • Track Panning
  • TaylorEQ built in input EQ
  • Jog/Scroll Wheel
  • Audio Import (Via File Sharing in iTunes)
  • Metronome
  • Meter Displays
  • WIFI Sync tracks to your computer

All of these awesome features packed into this small app create a real sense of controllability. It really allows for maximum creation potential. Visit the SonomaWireWorks website for more information on FourTrack!


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