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Studio.HD Review – SoundTrends – iPad Multi-track Recording

Studio.HD is a simple, yet resourceful multi-track recording application for iPad. This app gives you complete and easy control over songwriting, recording, or just getting some ideas out. The layout is very simple and impressive. We didn’t have to look up anything to figure out how to use this and start song writing. There are three main parts to this iPad recording app.

First you have your “Tracking” section.

Here you will have 8 tracks already laid out and ready to go. These tracks aren’t just ordinary track though. Studio.HD allows “Layers” which can actually give you a total of 24 tracks of simultaneous audio playback. Editing in the tracking window is a breeze!

Tap, hold, and drag to move an audio or loop track. Single tap an audio block to cut, copy, or split the block. You can also adjust the block lengths by tapping and draggin from either end.

Each track has an ARM function and a MUTE function button to the left below the track number. Single tap to MUTE, double tap to ARM and your ready to go! Next to those buttons a slide out “drawer” allows for volume adjustment and the option for track FX.

At the lower end of your iPad screen, you have the Loops tab, and the FX tab. Studio.HD gives you access to over 900 FREE loops. These come in handy for song writing! Simplly tap and hold on a loop to listen to a preview. Then just drag and drop onto a track!

This app also provides seemless integration with Looptastic HD with the ability to import the custom loops you created.

On the FX tab you have 14 different FX plugins (including panning) you can drag and drop to the slideout drawer above in the tracking area. Each FX plugin uses a unique XY pad to control the plugin. Each track allows for 4 FX plugins, and your Master track allows up to 12 FX plugins! An AMAZING feature of this app is the ability to record volume and FX automation. This is one of the first apps we have seen that can do this.  Simply click on an FX plugin and press record without arming any tracks and BAM effect or volume automation!

  • Studio.HD’s features also include:
  • Two Finger Pinch Zooming
  • Metronome
  • CD Quality Recordings
  • Automatic Tempo Adjustment
  • Undo
  • Audio Paste
  • Elastic Audio Tempo Adjustments
  • Import anything via iTunes File Sharing
  • In App Loop Store

Overall Studio.HD is a great Production / Multi-track recording application and well worth every penny.  We loved the simple layout, ease of recording, and production tools that are packed into this app.  You may be surprised to find that this app has a little brother as well! Studio.M includes some of the same functionalities for iPhone! Studio.M for iPhone is FREE!


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