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FL Studio Mobile Review – ImageLine – iPhone/iPad Music Production Apps

From the second I downloaded this app I couldn’t put it down! This is “hands down” one of the best Midi Studio Style sequencing apps on the market! I was completely impressed by how little I felt limited. It honestly felt like I was sitting in front of my computer making music. FL Studio Mobile could certainly give GarageBand some serious competition. One thing we noticed and loved was that the iPhone and iPad versions are identical. Which is amazing because there isn’t any cramped finger space. Everything is easy to access and maneuver through equally on each device! Thumbs up for that one!

When I first opened the app I was in love…
I recognized everything. It is setup like your traditional DAW software. It has a similar look and feel to FL Studio as well. The app has easy to navigate tabs, tons of instruments to play with and even a complete full-featured edit window.

In the first tab you will see either your Drum Pad layout or your Keyboard layout (depending on the track selected). I found the keyboard and drum pads to be extremely touch sensitive and very responsive, definitely some of the best I have played on. Each one has the option for a full screen view as well. You have the option of a single keyboard or a stacked version to allow higher and lower octave play. But just incase your not a fan of onscreen instruments FL Studio Mobile also includes Core Midi for external hardware support!

The Next tab we have is the instruments section. There are four different categories that include over 100 combined instruments and sounds all organized in sub categories as well. I honestly felt like a library like this could last me a while. Some people don’t even have a virtual instrument library like that on their computer. You can even import your own instruments via FL Studio’s desktop version, instructions can be found here. Each instrument has a preview button and its own set of definable settings including:

  • Panning
  • Volume
  • Attack
  • Release

When you see the beautiful edit window you will be thoroughly impressed! What you will see is very colorful and pleasing to the eye. You have several options in the Edit window. Add Tracks, Edit Track, Bar Editor, Piano Roll, and or Step Sequencer. Literally everything that you are probably used to working with is in this tab.  I did wish we had the ability to record audio in FL Studio Mobile but honestly for me it’s not a deal breaker!The Edit window has many features including:

  • Track FX
  • Mute / Solo
  • Note Editor
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Paning
  • Volume
  • Quantize
  • Loop
  • Copy / Paste
  • Seection Tool
  • Zoom

There are Six key effects you can use to mix down your masterpiece. You can choose to add these effects to specific tracks or to the entire mix!

  • A Limiter
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • Amp (Distortion effect)
  • Filter (with an XY Pad!)

FL Studio Mobile is a serious professional production tool! I was able to recreate a song almost note for note and even drop and Acapella vocal over it and it lined right up with the tempo. Check it out below… It’s actually the Outro for the song “LoveStoned” by Justin Timberlake.

I could seriously use this app for professional production and that is what I like about it most. Image-Line didn’t just create some app… They created a serious and profession piece of software. FL Studio Mobile is a big game player now in the iPad and iPhone music creation category. Whether you get it on your iPhone or iPad you will be astonished with the level of detail and professional usability Image-Line integrated within FL Studio Mobile.
Check out our Gallery Below!

Here is the instrumental I did with FL Studio Mobile


Here is the version with Justin’s Acapella on top



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