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Facebook Launches iOS SDK 3.0 Beta Along With New iOS Dev Center

With iOS 6 bringing major Facebook integration, “The Social Network” has launched a new version of its SDK for iOS. This aims to make it easier than ever to integrate Facebook in iOS apps…

After iOS 6 launches to users, the SDK will automatically use the native Facebook Login in iOS 6 when available. Just enable Login with Facebook and the SDK will ensure your apps work seamlessly on all iOS versions 4.0 and later. The SDK will continue to support the iOS 6 integration in beta until Apple’s user launch later this fall.

Notable features of the new SDK update include:

1. Better user session management: This release introduces FBSession, which manages, stores and refreshes user tokens with default behaviors you can override. It uses the block metaphor to notify your app when a user’s token changes state.

2. Ready-to-Use Native UI Views: This SDK release includes a variety of pre-built user interface (UI) components for common functions.

3. Modern Objective-C language features support: With Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), you no longer have to spend as much time on memory management. Support for blocks means that it’s now more straightforward to handle sessions and calls to asynchronous Facebook APIs.

4. Improved Facebook APIs support:  Support for strongly typed Objective-C types for graph actions and objects makes programming against the social graph more concise and easier. This combined with our action publishing API makes it easier to publish Open Graph actions to people’s timelines.

Facebook has also launched a new iOS Dev center to help developers learn to integrate Facebook with tutorials, concept ideas, and reference documents.

When iOS 6 is released this fall, many apps you know and love will be able to integrate with Facebook much easier than before.

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