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Consumer Reports Has a Change of Heart About the New iPad…

Consumer Reports has been recently attacking the new iPad for “overheating” issues. Which apparently, aren’t issues at all according to this survey. They dished out the criticism for a while about Apple’s latest tablet, but now seem to be praising the new iPad like nothing happened stating the new iPad “establishes a new benchmark in excellence”…

The high-resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new benchmark in excellence, providing the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we’ve ever seen on a tablet display. As a result, the iPad tops our new tablet Ratings, posted today.

Performance on the new iPad ($500 to $830) was superb in virtually every other way as well. The 5-megapixel camera took very good photos. Verizon’s 4G network yielded very fast, dependable connectivity to a 4G-compatible version of the iPad in our informal tests. And despite the energy-intensive display and graphics, the iPad still has longer battery life than all other tablets.

Responding to consumer comments on the new device, and to coverage from other reviewers, we also carried out further tests that confirmed the new iPad is warmer in its hottest spots than the iPad 2. But we didn’t find those temperatures to be cause for concern. In addition, further tests of observations we made that the new iPad was not recharging when playing a demanding, intense video game, showed that the problem was limited to times when the device was playing a demanding game with the screen fully bright. Our high overall judgment of the new iPad was not affected by the results of either battery of tests.

Make up your mind already! Either you love it, or it has too many issues…

So what exactly did Consumer Reports complain about this time? Not much except:

“[the new iPad] does, in at least some applications, serve to magnify imperfections in content designed for lower screen resolution. For example, some text in e-magazines looks worse on the new device than on the iPad 2, as others, including PC World, have noted.”

What’s funny is that because the iPad’s Retina Display is so awesome, it rains shame upon content that was created for the “average display”. Which honestly isn’t an issue, just Apple making the tech world step it up a notch. But we’re used to that right?

Well, it’s not surprising this positive review came about. The new iPad is quite amazing in my opinion, and is Apple’s best innovation since the iPhone 4.

What’s your take on this praising review?

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