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New iPad Customer Satisfaction is Off the Charts

According to a recent survey from Changewave, customer satisfaction levels for the new iPad are at an all time high in comparison to the previous generations! Honestly I didn’t expect much less to come from this. The new iPad is quite an amazing piece of technology. Changewave surveyed 200 new iPad users from March 22nd to March 28th and got some praising results!

This survey shows that users are almost all “very satisfied” with their new iPad.

In comparison to a February survey, user satisfaction is up 8% from a survey taken in regards to the iPad 2.

Looks like the Heat issue, wasn’t even an issue at all according to the masses…

And as expected, the number one feature people love about the new iPad is the stunning Retina Display! Makes sense, it’s a beautiful experience you have to see to believe…

But What do people hate about the new iPad? It can’t be all glam and glory right?

Looks like the main issues people dislike, aren’t really technical issues at all. Things like pricing for data plans, which has to do with the carriers, and the actual cost of the new iPad are the top two. Since there hasn’t been a price jump between the new iPad and the iPad 2, I don’t consider that an issue at all.

What do you like about the new iPad?

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