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China Telecom Set To Release iPhone 4s in Late February

China Telecom a subsidiary of Beijing Telecom has recently issued a pres release verifying that they are going to release the iPhone 4S possibly as soon as the end of February and no later than the beginning of March.

After obtaining the necessary licenses required to launch its new iPhone 4S on the China Telecom network earlier this month, it was simply a matter of time before Apple finalized a deal with a second Chinese carrier.

As you can probably guess, iPhone launches in that area can get a little out of hand, but with wider carrier accessibility, it’s possible the congestion and panic will let up considerably. Currently China Unicom is the only service provider with privaledges to carry the iphone 4s, however there has been speculation that China Mobile could join the list of carriers very soon.

China Telecom currently has more than 36.3 million 3G subscribers which is 14.9 million less than China Mobile who is currently China’s largest network.


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