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Check Out The Brand New iPod Nano

Ready for more new products? Along with the iPhone 5, and a new iPod touch, Apple has released a brand new iPod nano. It looks completely different, and comes with an all new interface…

The new iPod Nano is 40% thinner than the previous model and packs a huge 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. You can also watch video on the iPod nano again.

Here’s a brief description from Apple’s website:

At just 5.4 mm thin — and about the size of a credit card — the new iPod nano is the thinnest iPod ever made. The 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display is nearly twice as big as the display on the previous iPod nano, so you can see more of the music, photos, and videos you love. Buttons let you quickly play, pause, change songs, or adjust the volume.

It’s a pretty exciting change to the iPod nano line, and what’s even better it that the new iPod nano has 16GB of storage. There’s only one model available, but it’s in eight different colors and only costs $149. These new nanos will be available in October. Visit Apple’s website for more information.

I’m curious to know what will happen to companies such as iWatchz who make wrist straps for the old iPod nano. Apple isn’t going to sell the smaller version anymore, so these companies may fade away soon.

Check out the gallery:

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