Benchmarks For Apple’s Fourth Generation iPad Surface On GeekBench

Apple claimed the fourth generation iPad was twice as fast in performance over its predecessor, and it looks like that’s true. Benchmarks have surfaced showing some pretty impressive numbers for the iPad with Retina Display and they also reveal some internal hardware specifications.

According to MacRumors:

John Poole of Primate Labs posts about some 4th Generation iPad benchmarks that appeared in their Geekbench database on Sunday night.

The iPad’s processor is called the A6X, signifying the inclusion of quad-core graphics (vs triple-core) to help drive the device’s larger Retina display. The 4th Generation iPad’s A6X processor also appears to be clocked at 1.4GHz, slightly faster than the iPhone 5’s processor which runs at 1.3GHz. This speed boost is reflected in the benchmarks above.

It’ll be interesting to see what iOS game developers do with the speed and graphic performance of the “newer” iPad. The A6X could be a giant leap for iPad gaming performance. These results are pretty impressive and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Stay tuned for my official unboxing and overview on Friday Nov 2, 2012.

Source: Primate Labs via MacRumors

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