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Apple Getting Ready For War By Hiring Former XBOX Executive

According to 9to5mac Apple took another step towards pushing itself further into gaming industry by hiring former XBOX LIVE marketing executive Robin Burrowes to head its App Store marketing department for iTunes in Europe.

Burrowes from XBOX LIVE (which by the way is a microsoft company) is their third major pickup in the last year from the gaming community, and puts the world on notice that Apple intends to push iPhone and iPad gaming further than ever before.

With Apple’s previous count of 550,000 apps currently in the App Store, with close to 20 percent of these being games, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why Apple considers it essential to work with a big time gaming boss like Burrowes.

Apple has taken the handheld gaming industry by storm, even without direct marketing. Its blend of iOS devices and unprecedented App Store choices are making a considerable effect on the profits of handheld systems by both Sony and Nintendo. With the latest improvements in AirPlay technologies, Apple may very well be planning to tackle console systems in the future.

It makes you think if Apple has already put a mojor dent in the gaming industry without even trying what could they do now?  Look out Sony and Microsoft it looks like Cupertino’s gonna try now.

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