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Apple Claiming 75% of The Profit Share For The Smartphone Industry

Asymco put together a report of unit shipments, profits, and revenues of all big time manufacturers,  and it turns out that Apple is still spanking everyone with regards to smartphone profit shares. Even though the gap between Apple and Samsung when it comes to revenue share is a little less than the one for profits, Apple without a doubt still holds the lead.  Apple is claiming 75% of the profit share, 40% of the revenue share, and 9% of the unit share of the mobile marketplace.

After Apple’s monstrous first quarter where they saw record breaking sales of the iPhone it’s not hard to believe the numbers they are claiming.  They are the baddest boys on the block in the smartphone industry right now and they have the numbers, products, and marketing to prove it.    It’s getting harder and harder to see how the Windows Phone, Andriod, or RIM’s new touch screen smartphone are going to catch up.  With the recent success of iBooks 2 (which sold over 350,000 textbooks in it’s first 72 hours of release), iBooks author and this month hiring of former XBOX LIVE Cheif Robin Burrowes, its very possible to see numbers like this in the gaming and digital book industries in the coming year.

Cupertino doesn’t mess around.

Do you think any of the other smartphone companies have a shot at slaying the Apple giant?

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