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Apple CEO Tim Cook Addreses China Labor Conditions In Apple Factories At Goldman Sachs Conference

Earlier this week at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Fransisco Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a keynote presentation to a group of institutional investors where he addressed working conditions at Apple’s factories in China, iCloud, the global smartphone market and Apple’s philosophy.

The first several minutes of his presentation Cook addressed the labor conditions at Apple factories in China where he was convincing that Apple was on top of the situation by stating that, “Apple is doing more work than anyone in the industry to address these problems.”

Cook continued his aggressive presentation by talking about how China only generated Apple a few hundred million dollars a couple years back. But last year?  13 million bucks!  Making it pretty clear as to why Apple is so focused on China.

Cook also talked about Brazil and how Apple believes that 25% of all smartphone demand will come from China and Brazil by 2015.

Cook also reiterated that iCloud was a “long term” strategy.  He said that it wasn’t just a product but a “strategy for the next decade.”  Cook said that the way that  iCloud took a household of Macs and iDevices and simplified the exchange of information is the primary reason behind the introduction of  iCloud.

And finally Cook touched on the “think different” Apple mantra and how Apple has continued and will continue to operate by this motto.

“The company believes that no matter where you are, people want the best products”  Tim Cook.

Overall, Cook did an outstanding job at  Goldman Sachs.  His message was strong, concise, and believable.

How do you think Tim Cook is doing so far as Apple’s new CEO?







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