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  • Pierre

    Hi, THANK you for your excellent tutorial. I’m about to install illuminated Apple logo back on my iPhone 4 GSM. On the video I can’t see clearly how you place the little “z” (red cable) on the connector. Could you please send me a drawing? Do I have to simply put the copper part of the “z” in the middle of the connector?
    Thank you very very much for your help.

    • Dom

      Yes, the middle of the “z”

      Z<— Rests on the connection point.

  • Pierre

    PS. I mean: is it “vertically” (red cable) _______| —– (connection point)

  • Pierre

    I installed the Lightmyiphone kit and it works perfectly well. Thank you for the tuto. It would have been impossible without it. The result is awesome. It’s great.
    At the same time, I discovered that my iPhone’s camera (the one on the back, with the flash) is NOT available anymore!!??! The opens but the image shows a closed diaphragm and a greyed photo (or video) button. I can’t do or access nothing. I can’t switch to the front camera. Others apps don’t let me access the back camera either but some allow access to the front one …
    I restored the factory settings but it didn’t help…
    Do you think that:
    – I damaged something installing the kit?
    – There is some electronical problem ( i. e. a bad contact with the kit)?
    – It’s a coincidence (I don’t use it that often, so I don’t know since when it sucks)
    – It is an other problem.
    I must say I’d like to avoid removing and reinstalling the whole kit as it’s not that cool to do… And as I have to instal my wife’s one, I’d prefer to wait for your advice before installing it.
    Thank you for your attention
    Best regards

  • Pierre

    PS The front camera works perfectly when I can access it

  • Pierre

    PS2 – Flash doaesn’ t work (tested with 3 different flash apps)

  • Pierre

    PS3 – I mean “Flash lamp” doesn’t work …

  • Pierre

    PS4 – I’d say that the camera and the flash do not recieve juice anymore. That’s why the Photo app doesn’t find the camera and the Flashlight app doesn’t find the flash lamp…
    What do you think?

  • Pierre


    Camera connector was disconnected…
    Everything is OK now.

    Sorry+++ for the annoyance

    • Dom

      no annoyance at all! sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. Glad you fixed it though!

  • Boaz

    Hi Dom,

    I have broken the iPhone´s rear cover, and I want to change it.
    Can you tell me which one of these do you think is more worthwhile ?


    or iFixit

    I live in Brazil, and is difficult to find something worthwhile…

    I´m always following your nice work here!
    Thanks for your help

    • Dom

      well it depends on how confident you are installing the lightmyiphone kit. It’s not for everyone but I love having a lit Apple logo personally.

  • Max Kimball

    I tried to put on the iPhones rear back cover but I cracked it and now I can’t get my original back cover on either. For some reason all the notches wont snap in at the same time. I also need another back cover with a clear apple logo. Everything is working perfectly fine except the fact that I can’t get the back panel on. Please help.

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