Apple Applies For ‘.apple’ Top-Level Domain

Right now if you head to “” you”ll be able to check out the iPhone 4S on Apple’s website. Starting in Q2 of 2013 you may be able to puch “” into your browser to get to Apple’s website

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has published nearly 2,000 applications in a list pertaining to top-level domains. ICANN is planning on expanding the domain naming system and adding new suffixes.

Guess what, Apple was on the list…

Apple paid $185,000 just for the application fee to have a shot at getting the “.apple” domain suffix!

If approved, the new suffixes would rival “.com” and about 300 others now in use. Companies would be able to create separate websites and separate addresses for each of their products and brands, even as they keep their existing “.com” name. Businesses that joined the Internet late, and found desirable “.com” names taken, would have alternatives.

Apple isn’t the first to try and secure their brand through domains. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have also applied for┬ácertain domain suffixes regarding their company names.

If this new domain suffix is approved we could see these going live as soon as next year.

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