[Antennagate] iPhone 4 Users get $15 or Free Bumper Case

Back when the iPhone 4 was released there was a giant scandal involving reception. When a user would hold their iPhone 4 a certain way, they would lose most if not all of their cell signal. For a long time this was “covered up” and ignored. Apple didn’t officially acknowledge the issue until a class-action lawsuit was set in motion. Back a month ago or so, we told you that Apple would be sending out free bumper cases to iPhone 4 original purchasers. In fact your still able to pick up one of those if your eligible, click here for information on a free bumper case.

But what if you didn’t want the bumper case?

Well now you also have the opportunity to get aa $15 cash settlement from Apple. It doesn’t sound like much but hey, it’s fifteen bucks right?

Co-lead counsel Ira Rothken announced this via Twitter:

If you’d like to make a claim for your Antennagate Settlement, you can do so at the iPhone4Settlement.com website.

And Of Course the fine print:

To be eligible for the cash payment, you must have: (a) experienced antenna or reception issues; (b) been unable to return your iPhone 4 without incurring any costs; (c) been unwilling to use a case or free bumper for your iPhone 4; and (d) completed certain troubleshooting steps or are unable to complete the troubleshooting steps because you no longer own your iPhone.

So there you have it. This is one scandal we can officially but to bed. Though I never actually had any problems with my old iPhone 4, I know many did so it’s good to know it’s all being taken care of.

Did you order a free bumper case?

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