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802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi in the iPad and iPhone this year?

802.11ac, generally known as 5G or gigabit Wi-Fi, hasn’t been completed yet and Apple rarely talks in advance concerning the use of new technology into their products, however they were ambitious in adopting 802.11n in it’s draft stages and 802.11ac seems to have all the more to suggest just the same.

The new 802.11ac has considerably faster wi-fi networking speeds compared to the existing 802.11n specs (that are used on the latest iOS devices) by utilizing two to four times the frequency bandwidth (from 80 to 160MHz), more effective data transfers through advanced modulation, plus more antennas. (Up to 8 rather than the 802.11n which supports up to 4)

I want it… better, faster, more reliable wi-fi will be a big deal, Particularly if and when we see the eventual shift to 1080p content on the rumored Apple TV 3 or iTV.


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