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ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case – Top Accessories for the New iPad

Looking for some cool accessories for your new iPad? The ZAGGfolio case is available now. This is a Bluetooth keyboard case that will fit your new iPad and give you optional keyboard functionality for those in need of a physical keyboard…

We had a chance to get a firsthand look at the ZAGGfolio at Macworld | iWorld 2012.

The ZAGGfolio comes in many different colors and has a very stylish look to it.

You may have heard of ZAGG.. They are the manufacturers of the popular invisibleSHIELDs for many different electronic devices.

The ZAGGfolio not only gives you a cool Bluetooth keyboard, but also protects your new iPad’s screen when you close the case. The keyboard is completely removable and you can use the ZAGGfolio as a separate dock for your iPad. It also doubles as a Smart Cover and will wake your new iPad when you open the case.

It also comes packed with iPad specific keyboard shortcuts include volume control, music control, home, search, and copy and paste. The ZAGGfolio is an ABS hard-shell case wrapped in authentic leather or polyurethane and a  microfiber interior lining.

My favorite feature about the ZAGGfolio is the MacBook feel to the keyboard. It has the flat keys your may be used to that are predominately seen on a MacBook Pro.

You really get “bang for your buck” with the ZAGGfolio for the new iPad and the best thing is that is retails at only $99.99.

For more information on the ZAGGfolio, or to purchase one visit the link below!

ZAGGfolio for The new iPad

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