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The New Podcast “The A Word” Starts tonight!

Join us tonight for the ALL new Podcast dubbed “The A Word”, starts tonight! This will be a weekly podcast available to all of your readers and anyone else you would like to invite! The A Word is a show about all things Apple. We will discuss news, reviews, and all things related! Please feel free to iMessage us questions for the show at and join in the fun!

If you would like to listen live tonight you can do so by clicking the link below in your web browser or on your iPhone.

For Android users the process is a bit more complex as you have to download an App called “Just Playlists” and open the stream URL within that App to listen.

Anyone with a Mac or iPhone should be able to just click on the link. Mac users you may be prompted to save/open the file, in which you can just open it up in iTunes to connect! Join us every week and listen to “The A Word”. A Full schedule for the show will be coming out soon! Also the podcast will soon be available on iTunes for FREE subscription!

Check out our new “Podcast” Category

Be sure to subscribe to our NEW podcast on iTunes!

The “A” Word on iTunes by

Click below to Stream “The A Word. (Link will only work during Live Podcast Hours)


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