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The Mac App Store Reaches 10,000 Apps!

For the most part, we’re all well aware that the App Store is a pretty big deal. With over 500,000 apps and counting, it’s grown to be of great value to iOS devices. But you may not realize that the Mac App Store is making some substantial growth as well…

The Mac App Store launched in early 2011 with more than 1,000 apps. Apple even went as far as exclusively launching Lion OS X on the Mac App Store and did away with pesky CD’s. Since then, Lion has remained the highest grossing app on the Mac App Store. Apple is more than likely doing the same with this summer’s launch of Mountain Lion.

As of this week, there are now more than 10,000 apps available on the Mac App Store. An app store of this magnitude has done away with the need for boxed software, ultimately cutting costs and saving developers money. Personally i could care less. Some people find it frustrating not have a boxed version of their software. For me, it’s one less this to worry about. CD’s get scratched and lost. Apps remain in the clouds forever!

So congratulations Mac app Store! Job well done!

Which do you prefer, apps or boxed software?

Source: AppleInsider

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