[Rumor] More Leaked iPhone Photos Show Partial Assembly

Guess what? more leaked “iPhone 5” photos. These photos show a few other leaked parts combined with a leaked shelL that we’ve already seen. It’s nothing new, but worth a look…

These photos come from Sohu via Nowhereelse.fr. Again, this is nothing completely shocking or new, but it’s interesting to see these parts combined.

According to MacRumors:

The flex cable housing the external buttons, the SIM tray, and dock connector/headphone jack flex cable can all be seen in the photo. Much of the remainder of the interior of the device will be taken up by the battery and logic board, which would be installed on the left and right sides respectively.

Repair firm iResq posted a similar set of photos earlier this week. All we need is a logic board, LCD, and battery in this leaked iPhone combo and we’ll have a full iPhone.

All of these parts are available, but from different sources. Come everyone, let’s just team up and make a complete device. Is that too much to ask for? Install iOS 6 and fire this baby up!

Another interesting photo was posted by iLab Factory which shows a silver back which is the casing for the white iPhone 5. The interesting thing here is the black strips at the top and bottom. On the white model, which has a silver back, those two strips are white and not black.

Source: Sohu / Nowhereelse.fr via MacRumors

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