[Rumor] iPad 3 / iPad HD Will Include 4G LTE

Again and again we hear these rumors…

Will the new iPad include 4G or not? This seems to be one of the most speculated rumors of all, as no hard evidence confirming one way or another has surfaced.

The Wall Street Journal even chimed in on the topic claiming the new iPad would include 4g LTE. Though we will all find out at Wednesday’s iPad 3 or iPad HD event, iMore has recently weighed in on the topic. The Apple Tech Blog claims one of their sources says the new iPad will indeed include a 4G LTE model.

The same source that originally told iMore Apple would be holding their iPad 3 event on March 7 has now let us know that the announcement will in fact include 4G LTE networking.

The only problem I have with this is that it definitely defies Apple’s passion for being in “hot” markets. And while 4G is a big deal right now, it’s not widespread… Not at all.

Not to mention it wouldn’t be available worldwide for quite some time. But it is highly possible Apple is using QualComm’s new 3G/4G chip to enable the iPad to run on either network at any give time. This would be a tough bet for Apple to make. I say this because Apple was initially hesitant on putting 3G on the original iPhone and eventually turned down the option in the original iPhone. The funny thing is that 3G at the time was more widespread than even 4G is at the moment.

In a little over a day we will know everything! Be sure to tune in here at macmixing.com as we will be covering the event via “Live Blog” the information will be on our homepage Wednesday Morning!

Does anyone REALLY care if the iPAd has 4G LTE?

Source: iMore

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