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New Qualcomm Chip that Supports 3G and 4G – Possibility for iPad 3?

Qualcomm unveiled a chip today that supports 3G and 4G Networks. While this is nothing completely new to the world of technology, this may be something to pay attention to…

This could definitely be a potential key component to the upcoming iPad 3. Many argue that Apple would never put out 4G on a device because LTE is not as widely available as 3G. Apple and Qualcomm are no strangers to each other and this could definitely be a step in the right direction for Apple. This would allow the functionality of 4G LTE while still leaving room for the wide spread areas that still primarily use 3G. The iPad 3 could potentially be the first to use the new Qualcomm chip.

The new Qualcomm baby is the fifth generation chip of its popular gobi line: the MDM9615 (and the 9215). The new Gobi Chip will be compatible with many different mible technologies including LTE, HSPA, EV-DO, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, and TD-LTE.

This is big news and we think Apple is definitely in the works with Qualcomm to produce us next generation devices with 3G and 4G functionality. This isn’t just awesome for Apple and possibly new 4G capable devices, but this could also give users a choice if they weren’t ready to make the jump to a 4G data plan.

Do you think the new iPad 3 will sport one of the new Qualcomm Gobi chips?

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