[Review] a-Jays Four Headphones For iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch


If you’ve grown sick of the standard Apple earbuds, there may be some hope. The new a-Jays Four headphones are just the thing to give your ears perfect harmony…

The a-Jays headphones are tweaked to give your music great sound while keeping style in mind. They sport a tangle-free flat cable and a full-featured iOS remote with microphone.

With these headphones you can Play/pause music, Change tracks, answer/hangup calls, and invoke voice control or Siri (on an iPhone 4S or new iPad on iOS 6), all with the built in iOS remote. They even work on a MacBook. These headphones were designed with Apple products in mind, mimicking every detail down to the aluminum-style look.

Check out the video review.


I can’t say enough great things about these headphones. I’ve been actively using them for over a month now and I love the sound, design, and quality. The a-Jays Four headphones also include interchangeable silicon ear buds to help fit ears of all sizes.

In my tests, the a-Jays Four headphones sound great with any genre of music. They have a full rich sound, but I wouldn’t recommend them for mixing or mastering audio. They sound great but like other comparable headphones, they glorify the sound and make almost anything sound great. Though that’s not to be confused as a downside if you’re looking jam out to some tunes on your iOS device.


The only thing I can argue here is the price. These headphones are fair priced, but may seem expensive to some. They’re priced at $79.99 from the manufacturer (cheaper link below), but for the quality and sound, you definitely get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy these headphones. I actually use them on a regular basis now during our weekly podcast. The a-Jays Four headphones provide a great sound, sleek design, and work great with any and all Apple products!

If you’re interested in purchasing these headphones, they’re available at a discount for only $67.15 on Amazon.

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