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No More ‘Bill Shock’ – FCC Adding New Alert System

Having an iPhone or iPad with 3G or 4G LTE can be troublesome at times especially when you do majority of your browsing, downloading, and talking on the device. Overage charges can be a nightmare and I’m sure this has happened to everyone at least once in their wireless life.

You’ve been happily browsing and downloading to your hearts content, when your wireless bill shows up and shocks you by the data overages you’ve incurred. Or your son or daughter chat up a storm and somehow manage to go over your allotted minutes or text messages. Well it looks as if their may be a better way to help deter this from happening…

The FCC recently announced their partnering with wireless carriers to send out free alert notifications to consumers when approaching their monthly limit. Sure there are ways to acquire this information. But most of them involve the difficult task of logging into a website or app (sarcasm).

The FCC and CTIA have been fighting for a free alert system for wireless devices for quite some time now, and finally U.S. major carriers are jumping on board. Major carriers are expected to roll out these new alerts by October 2012. The new system will notify you if you’re nearing your monthly usage limit for voice, data, and text-messages. But honeslt if your an iPhone user, you might as well try and use iMessage as much as you can with your other iDevice buddies.

The following table will give you an idea of which alerts will be rolling out between Oct. 17, 2012 and April 17, 2013:

According to the FCC, the table shown above will:

  • Be updated, at least monthly, as new compliance information is provided by CTIA;
  • Indicate each carrier’s provision of the particular type of alert;
  • Link to the relevant details available on the carrier’s website; and
  • Show the designation “N/A” where a carrier offers an unlimited amount of the particular type of service, making the sending of usage alerts unnecessary.

Great news for those who can’t seem to get a handle on monthly usage! The alerts will start in October requiring no action from the customer. Just one more way to help those suffering from iPhone addiction.

Anyone gone over their usage lately?

Source: FCC via The Verge

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