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New Retina MacBook Pro Can Run Three External Displays At Once

This morning Other World Computing posted the picture above showing the new Retina MacBook Pro running three external displays simultaneously. Two iMacs linked as Thunderbolt displays and another display via HDMI. Four displays running from one tiny MacBook, now that’s power…

The four displays have a combined resolution of 15,680,000 pixels. OWC Mike, the writer of said post, also noted a couple details regarding performance of the four displays together:

Moving images and media didn’t create any lag and we were able to play video on all four displays simultaneously.

That’s pretty impressive. Think of all the things you could do with that much screen space, but is it necessary? I’m sure some folks into video editing could get some major use out of four displays. This was once only possible using a desktop tower such as the Mac Pro.

Apple notes this functionality in the Thunderbolt FAQs in the Support Knowledge Base:

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) can support an HDMI-compatible device on its HDMI port while also using two Thunderbolt displays

This is just another great example showing the power this new MacBook can bring to professionals. Right out of the box your new Retina MacBook Pro is a display driving power machine!

Go Apple!

Source: MacRumors

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