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Will Carriers Limit FaceTime Over Cellular In iOS 6?

When iOS 6 was announced last week one of the standout features was the ability to use FaceTime over cellular, something that was previously only attainable through jailbreak. But don’t get too excited yet, as you would expect greedy carriers aren’t 100% on board with Apple’s decision to include this feature…

FaceTime in iOS 6 is described as:

FaceTime now works over cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi, so you can make and receive FaceTime calls wherever you happen to be. You can even make and receive FaceTime calls on your iPad using your phone number. That means you can use FaceTime wherever you are, on any device. And never miss another wink, smile, air kiss, or eye roll.

Though this feature is supposed to be available at no cost in iOS 6, it may be subjected to the limits we’ve seen with other iOS features like tethering and personal hotspot.

MarketWatch notes that FaceTime in iOS 6 could eat up carriers precious cellular bandwidth. Many major carriers are moving to data-based service plans, favoring gigabytes over minutes. FaceTime for iOS 6 could be a major hurt-factor in the cellular plan transition. So far carriers have kept quiet about whether or not they’ll allow the new FaceTime over cellular feature.

The carriers that offer the iPhone wouldn’t comment on their plans for offering FaceTime on their networks, but an AT&T spokesman said the company is “working closely with Apple on features disclosed for iOS 6, and we’ll share more information with our customers as we get closer to launch.

You’d think that carriers could care less if they have you on tiered data plans. Whether I use my data up downloading 100 apps a month or five FaceTime calls should be up to me! Right? Furthermore, if Apple decides to put an HD FaceTime camera in the new iPhone, that could impact data usage even more.

You’d think that carriers would want you to use up your data, then they’d make money selling you more. I’m getting a little tired of this debate of data usage. If you didn’t want customers using the data they pay for, you should get out of the cellphone business…

What do you think?

Source: MacRumors

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