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New iPad Shipping Times Improve To 5-7 Days

If you plan on ordering your new iPad from Apple’s official site you can now expect your device to ship within 5 to 7 days from the date of your purchase for all models and colors including the 4G LTE-capable models. Just before the new iPad went on sale last month expected shipping times slipped down as far as 2-3 weeks as Apple was struggling to keep up with demand. Within less than a week Apple improved shipping times to 1-2 weeks but that is where expected shipping times have stayed for the past month.

The new iPad was initially launched in 10 countries on March 16th, where a second release quickly followed 7 days later in 24 other countries. The new iPad sold an astounding 3 million units over it’s launch weekend from March 16th to March 18th.

There have been reports earlier this month that Apple’s stock of the new iPad has been compromised due to a limited supply of retina displays. The screen which is the defining feature of the new iPad has been built primarily by Samsung, since LG and Sharp were having trouble with it’s construction initially.

The new retina display packs a whopping 264 pixels per inch, which is a higher resolution than a 1080p television. Wall Street experts expect Apple to sell over 66 million iPads this year leaving the company with a strangle hold on the global tablet market.

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